Enjoy the great outdoors on your doorstep

A CAMPAIGN to encourage more people to enjoy nature close to home comes to Cumbernauld next week.

Scottish Natural Heritage’s “Simple pleasures, easily found” campaign aims to inspire local people to make more use of green places in the heart of Cumbernauld, taking in woodland, parks, waterways and paths.

To help people get started, SNH has produced a new, free leaflet with details of where to go and what to see, with 18,000 copies to be distributed to Cumbernauld households.For a free copy contact SNH on 01738-458530, or email [email protected]

The campaign recommends three easy-to-follow routes: Cumbernauld House Park, and Forest Wood and Luggiebank Wood local nature reserves.

Debbie Skinner, SNH area officer said: “People often think enjoying the outdoors means a trek deep into the countryside, but that just isn’t true.

“This colourful guide introduces some of the best places for nature in the middle of Cumbernauld, so the good thing is you don’t have to go very far from your own front door. There’s plenty to see throughout the year. Whether it’s looking for fallen pine cones in the autumn or getting your wellies on and splashing through puddles.”

Jamie Scott, senior countryside ranger with North Lanarkshire Council, said: “We are lucky to have so many easy-to-reach parks and green places in the town. Maybe not surprising when you discover that Cumbernauld’s name comes from the Gaelic ‘comar nan allt’, which means ‘the meeting of the waters’.

“Drop into the visitor centre at Palacerigg Country Park to pick up a copy of the new leaflet and a fantastic free outdoor activity book, which has lots of ideas of things to do when you’re out and about.”