£25k funding package applied for in Cumbernauld Village

A key part of Cumbernauld village could be come a vastly upgraded natural amenity with a natural flood barrier if cash is secured for an exciting new project involving the historic Bog Stank burn.
Wildflower meadowWildflower meadow
Wildflower meadow

Members of Cumbernauld Community Council wanted to address regular flooding in Jubilee Park and maximise the potential of wider green space there for the good of nature lovers and walkers.

And they feel that remedial measures at the burn itself are the key to achieving this goal as they believe that the existing set up there has damaged conditions underfoot for too long.

They have now applied for £25,000 worth of grant funding for a feasibility study to provide them with a plan to re-design the burn and develop the land which stretches from the old football pitch in the west to the burn culvert in the East.

The funding package would also include a consultation process aimed at identifying the aspirations of village residents for an area which is currently being under-used but is proving to be rich pickings for plant life.

A CVCC spokesperson explained: “It is an ambitious project but one that can be tackled in stages. There is already very encouraging plant diversity. Nature is coming back but it needs some help and the community council has already conducted plant surveys and planted wildflower seeds on the site of the old pitch.

“The burn has had a lot of drains added to it over the last 40 years which need assessed and road and housing developments inside and outside the village have made flooding of Jubilee Park a more regular occurrence.

"The Bog Stank banks are damaged and concrete sides in places may be making flooding worse. This leaves Jubilee Park boggy for most of the year and limits use of the park.

"We think redesigning the burn perhaps by making it more meandering at the west end, broadening it and repairing its banks would improve these issues.

"We need an expert plan as a first step to turn this area of the village into a beautiful place to relax and see a greater diversity of wildlife. We hope to hear if we have been successful in our funding bid in August.”

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