Call for action on littering in village woods

Sophie Wells at  Riccard Johnston WoodlandSophie Wells at  Riccard Johnston Woodland
Sophie Wells at Riccard Johnston Woodland
A woman who has spent the last year fighting a losing battle against littering in New Stevenston says it is time for the authorities to take action.

Riccard Johnston Woodland was opened in 2013 as one of a network of Commonwealth Woods, but has become a drinking den with empty cans and bottles littering the

Last year Sophie Wells campaigned successfully to have bins installed at Riccard Johnston, but is still collecting several bags worth of rubbish every few weeks.

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She said: “I continue to clear Riccard Johnston, but feel I’m fighting a losing battle, if this was a town centre, something would be done.

“The levels of litter are so high that it’s taking a considerable time to even make a dent in the issue, and frankly it’s beyond a joke.

Litter in this area is getting out of hand and we need action from the authorities.”

A council spokesperson said: “We appreciate the efforts of the resident to clean up litter at Riccard Johnston and her frustration at the people who dump rubbish there.

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“We have installed two litter bins at the site and our Countryside Rangers regularly patrol the woods during the day.

“In the past we’ve organised a spring clean with local schools and if any residents are interested in supporting the conservation of the wood, we could help establish a community volunteer group.”

Incidents at the woods can be reported to Northline on 01698 403110.

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