Cars are creating an eyesore and an environmental hazard at Kilsyth beauty spot

A Kilsyth resident believes a local beauty spot is becoming a dumping ground for stolen cars.

Dumped cars

Two burnt out and abandoned vehicles now sit in a layby on the Tak Ma Doon road.

And Matt Bendoris of Garrell Grove fears the cars are an environmental hazard.

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Matt, 50 said: “The first car was smashed up and abandoned around late August or early September

"The authorities knew because police put tape around the car. It looked like it had been involved in a crash as the windscreen was smashed and the doors dented.

“But the next day the vehicle was then torched. It has been lying there for months now and it’s still leaking fuel and oil – I can smell it at least 40 yards away when I’m out walking my dog.”

The dad-of-two added: “As from Monday the burnt out car now has a partner – which appears to be a torched Range Rover. Yet again there is police tape around it, so it is known to the authorities.

"My fear is that this spot – which has beautiful views from the Kilsyth hills - has now become a dumping ground for car thieves because of its rural location.

"I have emailed the council’s special abandoned car email address, which appears to be obsolete, and gave up phoning as I was put on hold.

“These cars need to be moved as there is a stream right beside where they are dumped and the fuel leaking from them runs directly into it.”

The council has been asked for comment.