Confusion over Milngavie roadworks

Roadworks at MilngavieRoadworks at Milngavie
Roadworks at Milngavie
Confusion has arisen regarding the state of a major roadworks site in Milngavie.

On May 22 signs were erected by East Dunbartonshire indicating that Buchanan Street would be closed for four weeks to allow resurfacing to be carried out along with the replacement of lighting.

However other signs stated the road closure would only be until June 3 while the website of the Scottish Road Works Commissioner said the closure would be for 50 days.

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Resident Ian Lawson said: “So we now have three separate sets of dates for the duration of the works – it would either be 4 weeks or 50 working days or the two weeks from 23 May to 3 June mentioned on the traffic order which is the only legal basis for allowing the closure of Buchanan Street for the works.

“Two of the sets of dates regarding the duration of the works have now been exceeded and the works are nowhere near completion.

“Buchanan Street is of course the only road access to Cairns Church, Milngavie Primary School, the Kersland House Surgery, Cairns Drive, Hillcrest Street, Hillhead Street and Kersland Drive.

“But the traffic order indicated that alternative routes would be signposted. Fat chance. There has been a remarkable dearth of any such signing.

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“Following planing works on Saturday 18 June and the partial laying of a base coat on Sunday 19 June, on the morning of Monday 20 June, the bottom of Buchanan Street displayed signs saying ‘road closed.’

“There was no advance warning of the closure on Station Road or on Woodburn Way. There was also no indication of how vehicles could alternatively access any of the streets and premises off Buchanan Street.

“It seems that East Dunbartonshire’s contractor is being allowed to run riot with no checks being carried out at a weekend.

“Council roads inspectors/ engineers ought to be out on a daily basis keeping an eye on the progress of works to make sure they are being carried out in compliance with the terms of the contract and they certainly ought to be checking that roads and footways are left in a safe condition overnight.”

The council has apologised for the resultant confusion.

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Thomas McMenamin, Executive Officer for Roads said: “A package of works was carried out by an external contractor on behalf of the Council in Buchanan Street. The works were scheduled to last 50 days and involved a number of elements – including resurfacing and lighting – programmed in at different times during this period.

“Regrettably a number of issues have been raised. We apologise for any confusion regarding dates of these different elements and for issues with signage. We welcome all feedback and the points raised are being discussed with our contractor.”