Council urged to sort flooding at boundary

Margaret Mitchell has written to both local authorities in Lanarkshire council urging them to resolve the issue of flooding at the council boundary in Uddingston.

Mrs Mitchell has been approached by several local people with concerns about this long-standing issue and she believes the water is adding an extra hazard at an already ‘dangerous’ junction.

She said: “Over the last few years, there has been regular flooding at the ‘Uddingston’ sign where the A721 meets the B7071.

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“More recently this has worsened significantly with the flooding extending across the B7071 which is extremely dangerous as vehicles swerve to avoid the deep flooding.

“As the flooding is in the border area it is unclear which local authority has ultimate responsibility to resolve the issue, but it is becoming aof real concern to local residents.

“The flooding does pose a significant hazard at an already dangerous and accident-prone junction as vehicles tend to swerve to avoid it.

“I would therefore ask the councils to look into this issue in an effort to find a solution.”

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South Lanarkshire Council wrote back to Mrs Mitchell to say it was North Lanarkshire Council’s responsibility.

North Lanarkshire Council hasn’t written back to Mrs Mitchell, but have said they are ‘monitoring the situation’ are previous attempts to sort it have failed.

A council spokesperson said: “We are aware of the issue at this location and we have taken action on a number of occasions to clear the drains and gullies to help alleviate the flooding.

“However, after significant rainfall, the surface water is slow to drain from the road. We will continue to monitor the situation.”