Cumbernauld recycling firm has done 10 tonnes of good with your help

A Cumbernauld company forced to move its focus elsewhere during lockdown has now recycled a mammoth 10 tonnes of plastic after its forward-thinking directors launched a special appeal on social media and through this newspaper last summer.

Recycling Centre

Moock Environmental Solutions in Blairlinn Industrial Estate asked for bulky toys, plastic sheds, garden furniture and playhouses – preventing these larger plastics from ending up in landfill or being sent to incineration.

That marked a dramatic change of direction for the firm which had focused on the recycling of ink jets and toner cartridges for more than 20 years.

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Due to the Covid 19 pandemic they experienced a 90 percent drop in demand and this forced staff forced the company to look at other items they recycled.

An appeal that began on Facebook which spread to the Cumbernauld News had initially brought in a tonne of plastic from toys and garden furniture which would’ve otherwise ended up in landfill.

Now the company has increased its collection areas outwith Cumbernauld, expanded its social media platform, joining Instagram to share information.

It’s also taken on four more staff from the Government’s Kickback Scheme aimed at helping 18 to 24-year-olds avoid unemployment during the pandemic.

Managing Director, Graeme Clowe, said “This past year has been tough but incredibly exciting moving the business from cartridges to plastics which would’ve otherwise been put in landfilled.

"We have the knowledge and expertise surrounding the recycling of these items however not many people know that items with batteries fall under certain legislation and therefore shouldn’t be disposed of into landfill.

“Now we are actively wanting not to break the toys down if there is life in them but give them back to our local community we are trying to achieve this by creating a giveback scheme which would allow us to give the toys to nurseries, schools, charity shops and food banks”.

“We are still actively looking for plastic and metal items we can collect these items for a small charge if located in Cumbernauld it is £3 and located out with Cumbernauld is £5.”

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