East Dunbartonshire Council will be taking part in the roadside litter campaign

East Dunbartonshire Council joins the fight against scourge of roadside litterEast Dunbartonshire Council joins the fight against scourge of roadside litter
East Dunbartonshire Council joins the fight against scourge of roadside litter
Some of East Dunbartonshire’s busiest rural roads will be the focus of a concentrated campaign of litter removal during a fortnight of action.

In a bid to tackle the unsightly issue of roadside litter, East Dunbartonshire Council has signed up to the Cross Border Roadside Litter campaign being co-ordinated by environmental charity Keep Scotland Beautiful and involving neighbouring Councils.

Deep cleans tackling litter, flytipping and other issues such as graffiti, are taking place across East Dunbartonshire (starting Monday 3 October). Council operatives will be working along the following roads during the fortnight-long campaign: Boclair Road (Oct 9), Chesters Road, Bearsden (Oct 16), Kilsyth Road (Oct 6-7), Kirkintilloch Road, Kirkintilloch (Oct 3-6), Peel Glen Road, Bearsden (Oct 23) and Twechar Road, Kirkintilloch (Oct 3-5).

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As this type of refuse collection can be dangerous and costly, the campaign is emphasising that prevention is the best solution. Motorists will be urged to “give their litter a lift, and take it home”.

Councillor Paul Ferretti, Convener of the Council’s Place, Neighbourhood and Corporate Assets Committee, said, "We are happy to be working in partnership with Keep Scotland Beautiful and our neighbouring local authorities to tackle this persistent and unsightly issue.

“Accessing this litter can be very difficult and dangerous for our crews, but it is important to clean it up as the rubbish is not only unattractive, it poses a danger to road users.

“We hope that people will understand the damage that this behaviour does and stop expecting others to risk their lives in order to clean up their rubbish. The solution really is simple: keep your litter in the vehicle until you find the next suitable bin. It is what most people do."

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Latest data from the charity highlights that 94% of high traffic roadsides are blighted by litter, with 50 tonnes abandoned on Scotland's roadsides each month. And, an overwhelming 91% of adults living in Scotland now agree that roadside litter creates a negative impression of Scotland.

Barry Fisher, CEO of Keep Scotland Beautiful, said, “Roadside litter, like many antisocial behaviours, doesn’t stop at council boundaries, which is why we are pleased to be working with East Dunbartonshire to co-ordinate this fortnight of action.

“This collaboration, the proposed new National Litter and Flytipping Strategy and proposed changes in the Circular Economy Bill, that will see owners of a vehicle issued with a fine if litter is seen being thrown from it – a change which 88% agreed with should happen – will help keep Scotland beautiful.”

Circular Economy Minister Lorna Slater said: "No single organisation can tackle the issue of roadside litter. Collaboration and partnership are critical, so it's great to see local authorities working together across boundaries to take this problem on.

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“Later this year the Scottish Government will publish a National Litter and Flytipping Strategy, setting out a range of actions to tackle this problem behaviour. Ultimately, the best way to fix litter is to not drop it in the first place.”