East Dunbartonshire records highest property price rise

East Dunbartonshire 
recorded the highest 
property price rise in 
Scotland after the country saw an unseasonal jump in sales in December.

The area is now the country’s third most expensive area, with an average sale price of £263,291, behind Edinburgh and East Lothian.

Experts Aberdein Considine’s Property Monitor Report stated: “There has been a 10.3 per cent year-on-year jump in the value of sales in East Dunbartonshire.

“The area has seen its property values moving upwards partly due to the quality of lifestyle which buyers can enjoy.”

The increase in house sales overall, according to managing partner Jacqueline Law, Managine Partner at Aberdein, could be down to the general election.

She said: “After a year of political and economic uncertainty, it would appear that the decisive nature of the election result has brought a fresh wave of confidence to the property market.

“You have to go back to December 2007, before the global credit crunch, to find a higher month of pre-Christmas property sales. As we head into the spring, there is every sign that this trend will continue, thanks largely to an injection of first-time buyers using new shared equity schemes.”