European Farm Conference to be hosted at Krishna Eco Farm in Lesmahagow

The conference will be held at the Krishna Eco Farm in Lesmahagow.The conference will be held at the Krishna Eco Farm in Lesmahagow.
The conference will be held at the Krishna Eco Farm in Lesmahagow.
Lesmahagow, a quiet village founded by monks in the 12th Century is now a home to monks but of a different order.

In 1987 the Hare Krishna monks of ISKCON (International Society for Krishna Consciousness), which represent a branch of Hinduism, moved into a humble property in Lesmahagow.

With the motto ‘simple living, high thinking’, they have been developing an ambitious project to turn the site into a state-of-the-art Eco Farm which was opened in 2012 by Michael McCann MP.

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During September 7 to 9 Krishna Eco Farm will host ISKCON’s European Farm Conference. The conference will be opened by Dr Lisa Cameron MP on the Friday at 10am. Local and European environmental and sustainable farming specialists will also be present.

The aim of the conference is to bring similar minded people together from all over Europe to share knowledge of best practices in sustainable, cruelty free farming and to cultivate tolerance and inclusiveness toward one another regardless of race, religion, gender etc.

The conference strives to demonstrate that a simpler and happier lifestyle can be adopted and scaled to suit both the individuals needs and on a much broader scale for the needs of society.

Scots born, head of the Farm, George McMullan (aka Prana das) said: “Hosting ISKCON’s European Farm Conference is our humble contribution towards further establishing Scotland among world leaders in caring for the environment, sustainability and renewable energies as endorsed by Scottish Government. At our farm we try to live simply and in harmony with nature. We are committed to helping people find peace, through meditation and taking care of the earth — and it’s all here at the Eco Farm.”

The topics of the conference range from local resilience, ethical farming, the relation between restaurants and farms, seed-banking, youth engagement programs, building eco networks and many others.