Is lorry-free town answer to pollution?

A daytime lorry ban could be part of the answer to Lanark town centre's pollution problem.
Would a lorry-free high street work? Picture Sarah Peters.Would a lorry-free high street work? Picture Sarah Peters.
Would a lorry-free high street work? Picture Sarah Peters.

As reported in the Gazette, tests have shown that Lanark’s Bannatyne Street and Wellgate are among the worst vehicle exhaust emission blackspots in the whole of South Lanarkshire.

The amount of heavy modern traffic travelling through a basically mediaeval streetscape made up of narrow roads with buildings close together has been blamed for much of the problem and, recently, South Lanarkshire Council asked Lanark Community Council to take part in a consultation on possible solutions.

One that was discussed at Monday night’s community council meeting was the barring of heavy lorries from the town centre between 7.30am and 6pm. This would still allow for essential deliveries to e made to town centre shops and businesses.

The meeting also discussed a possible total ban on heavy vehicles currently just passing through Lanark by redirecting them onto alternative routes.

However,some council members expressed worries about Lanark’s pollution problem just being fobbed off to surrounding villages such as Ravenstruther. A formal response to the consultation was being compiled as the Gazette went to press.