Join the East Renfrewshire-wide conversation on how to save the planet

Local sustainability collaborative ‘Wee Change’ are launching an East Renfrewshire wide conversation which runs until November 4 to let people of all ages share their ideas for the ‘wee changes’ we can all make to save the planet.

The ‘Wee Change’ team want to know what matters most to people, what gets in the way of making a change and how we might address these challenges together, as a community, to make our contribution to saving the planet.

Taylor Stillie, engagement lead, said: “People have told us that the problem of climate change can feel too big and too removed from daily life. People are concerned for the future and for future generations and they want to know how they can make a difference individually, and as a community of friends, family and neighbours.

“It might be about growing your own food, buying locally or car-sharing - by making these changes not only do we reduce our carbon footprint, but we can live healthier lives, make new friends and save money along the way!”

‘Wee Change’ aims to foster collaboration to reduce carbon emissions and increase sustainability in our community. They want to take this global issue and make it relevant in East Renfrewshire by finding out what matters most to local people.

Taylor continued: “This is an issue that affects everyone, old, young and future generations. We wanted to give everyone a chance to have a say and to share their thoughts and ideas. This is not a traditional ‘consultation’ where people respond to questions and then may or may not see their views acted on. This is an open and transparent conversation in which everyone can propose ideas, rank other ideas and see what matters to the whole community.”

To host this conversation, Wee Change have teamed up with Thought Exchange to gather and share ideas using an online platform.

By clicking here, you will be taken to an introduction, explaining the process and asking you to contribute your ideas and challenges. You can support other ideas by giving them a ‘star rating’.

All input is confidential, and individuals cannot be identified. Responses are moderated to make sure everyone can feel safe participating online.

“We know that not everyone is on the internet so we will also be out and about in the community and visiting local groups. If people want to contribute, we can gather their ideas and post them online to share them with others. This conversation is the first of its kind and we hope as many people as possible will give it a try. We’ll make sure everyone gets to hear the results and we hope it gives lots of people ideas about what they can do individually and together to make a difference.”

Wee Change will share the results of the big conversation with everyone taking part, with local interest groups and public bodies and with Scottish Government. They plan to bring together people who want to take action on the priorities identified.

If you would like to take part, you can contact Taylor at [email protected]; follow the weblink Wee Change

Contact [email protected] with any questions or if you would like them to come and facilitate the conversation with your local group or organisation.