Kilsyth Civic Week fun kicks off in spectacular fashion

Kilsyth Civic Week's opening event was a soaraway success on Saturday and was even broadcast live on Facebook for the very first time.

Ex-pats from as far away as Barbados were able to get a peek at the action which kicked off a week of sporting fun and other activities fuelled by civic pride.

Provost Jean Jones who has been involved with the organisation of the event for decades said that organisers were “delighted” at the turnout.

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She said: ““As usual we would like to thank everyone who turned up and we are looking forward to the rest of the week and to to seeing everyone at the events.”

The Kilsyth Chronicle sent a photographer along to Saturday’s parade and Burngreen-based event - and we will be publishing a splendid double-spread of photographs in Wednesday’s edition.

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