MSP: 'No more fast-food drive-throughs in Milngavie and Bearsden'

Arnold Clark dealership on edge of West Retail Park, MilngavieArnold Clark dealership on edge of West Retail Park, Milngavie
Arnold Clark dealership on edge of West Retail Park, Milngavie
Local Green MSP Ross Greer has called on East Dunbartonshire Council to follow the footsteps of Glasgow city and consider declaring a “no drive-through” zone in the area.

In September, Glasgow City Council backed Green proposals for local planning policy to rule out further drive-thru retail developments.

This came after it was revealed Glasgow has more drive-throughs per head of population – 48 - than any other city in the UK.

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Ross Greer, who lives in Bearsden, recently called for the council to reject a development plan for a drive-thru at West Retail Park in Milngavie, on the grounds that it would encourage car usage on the already congested Milngavie Road and move business away from Milngavie town centre.

Mr Greer said: “Drive-throughs in built-up areas like Bearsden and Milngavie inevitably increase car traffic, which in turn makes local air pollution even worse, puts pedestrians at greater risk and contributes towards the worsening climate emergency.

"Town centres like Milngavie precinct and Bearsden Cross need all the support we can give them, given the last 18 months. Taking trade away from locally-owned businesses and pulling it towards the multi-national corporations who typically occupy retail park drive-thrus is the last thing we should be doing.

“It’s time we followed Glasgow and took this important step to rule out any more of these car-based developments. Future council policy needs to recognise that building retail developments around cars rather than people is a thing of the past.”

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In response, joint leader of the Council, Councillor Andrew Polson said: "Each planning application is judged on its own merits in accordance withcurrent planning policy, which promotes sustainable transport andprioritises walking and wheeling in line with the transport hierarchy."

Co-leader, Councillor Vaughan Moody added: "I understand Mr Greer is now a member of the Scottish Government, which could amend planning legislation to remove the possibility of further applications for 'drive-thru' retail developments in Scotland. Why does he not propose that?"