'˜Park your funfair somewhere else!'

Motherwell residents are up in arms over plans for a four-day funfair in the park next to their homes.

Councillor Meghan Gallacher, third from right, with residents at the park
Councillor Meghan Gallacher, third from right, with residents at the park

They’re worried it will bring disorder to the neighbourhood and result in traffic problems as huge vehicles try to get access to the site.

They have been joined in their protest by Motherwell West councillor Meghan Gallacher who says the park, which sits between The Loaning and Bute Avenue, is not a suitable location for Spencer’s Funfair.

An application for a licence has been submitted to North Lanarkshire Council. It’s intended the funfair will visit in July.

Councillor Gallacher said: “The only access to the park is down Bute Avenue which is congested with residents’ cars.

“It would prove difficult for large vehicles to travel down this route. Additionally, the noise and late night openings might cause anti-social behaviour in what is a quiet area.

“I have been approached by many nearby residents who are concerned about the noise, health and safety, and anti-social behaviour. I don’t believe the park is suitable for this type of event. It is a small park which is used by local football teams.”

Residents have until Tuesday, June 6, to comment on the application.

Two years ago residents in another area of Motherwell faced a similar fight over a proposed funfair site.

NL Properties, a council-owned body, had been asked by the Showman’s Guild to identify new sites and suggested Calder Park, off Merry Street. Residents objected, again citing noise and problems associated with large vehicles and caravans, and the idea was dropped.