Quarry firm refusesto admit final defeat

Cemex, the international company refused permission last week by the Scottish Government to extend its existing Hyndford Quarry into the Bonnington beautyspot between Lanark and New Lanark, has said it is considering legal action to get the decision reversed.
Falls of Clyde near proposed quarry siteFalls of Clyde near proposed quarry site
Falls of Clyde near proposed quarry site

A statement from the company claimed that this was the second refusal made against the recommendation of the government’s own officials and against the government’s own policies of having enough sand and gravel for the building industry.

However, the chair of the Save Our Landscapes group opposing the quarrying so near the Falls of Clyde and the New Lanark UNESCO world heritage site, Professor Mark Stephens, said: “The last time Scottish Ministers rejected the extension, Cemex assured UNESCO that it accepted the decision. It then launched an appeal that has cost themselves, the Scottish taxpayer, and community groups thousands of pounds and has delivered exactly the same result as last time. Cemex seems to have failed to notice that Scotland is a democracy and it is normal for elected politicians to make decisions here.”