Safety fears for Cumbernauld Village are addressed with announcement of new measures

Road safety measures via a new crossing point are to be put in place amidst fears for the public in the busy Roadside stretch of Cumbernauld Village.

And this is amidst claims that motorists have consistently been breaking the speed limit in their quest to get to a heavily built-up part of town.

The area involved is headed towards Wilderness Brae slip roads to the turn -off to Dullatur Road

This route is heavily used by motorists driving to the densely populated area of Carrickstone

The issue had been raised by Councillor Tom Johnston after Cumbernauld Village Community Council and individuals alike raised fears in regard to schoolchildren and pensioners in particular.

He entered into discussions with road bosses at North Lanarkshire Council who have been persuaded of the need to take action in this historic part of Cumbernauld.

Now the veteran Scottish National Party councillor has welcomed the fact that road bosses at North Lanarkshire Council see the need to address the issue before there is a serious accident as he believes the current set-up is wholly inadequate.

Councillor Johnston said: “There is only one small island crossing point on this stretch.

"Speed limit signs on this small island are often hit by traffic.

"School children get off buses at this area and elderly people live in Smithyends and elsewhere.

“Police statistics show there was only one injury accident on this stretch over the five years since 2017.

"However the Council traffic survey shows a 37mph speed maximum on what is supposed to be a residential road area.

As a result, Transportation will now consider a crossing point, that is, one without traffic lights on this part of Roadside.”

A council spokesperson said: “All requests the council receives for road safety improvements are carefully considered and evaluated on a priority basis.

"Based on the results of our investigations along Roadside, we intend to provide traffic calming measures. One of the options that will be considered is whether there is sufficient road width at any suitable location to construct a pedestrian island.”