ERC advice on recalled Asda corned beef

ASDA has recalled all batch codes of Smart Price corned beef after traces of veterinary medicine were found in some of the tested product.

Low levels of phenylbutazone, or bute, were detected in the 340g tins, and East Renfrewshire council’s environmental health team have issue a warning to consumers.

Principal environmental health officer John Davidson said: “If you have purchased the above product, please do not consume it. Contact Asda direct for a full refund.”

However, he added a reassurance that “the levels of this compound are so low that consumers would have to consume very large quantities of the product to cause any significant health issues”.

Asda previously withdrew the product on March 8 after traces of horse DNA were found, which led to further sampling and testing and the discovery of phenylbutazone.

Further enquiries should be directed to the Food Standards Agency on 020 7276 8448.