Ex-NLL boss moves again

Blane DoddsBlane Dodds
Blane Dodds
Concern has been raised after the former boss of NL Leisure quit as chief executive of Scottish Golf.

Blane Dodds was in charge of the organisation which runs North Lanarkshire Council’s sports facilities, but left last year with budget cuts of £1 million looming.

The former international tennis player faced criticism early in 2016 after he was appointed chairman of Tennis Scotland.

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It’s an unpaid post and NL Leisure was adamant his responsibilities there wouldn’t interfere with his day job.

However, MSP Richard Lyle said then that at a time when NL Leisure had announced a pay freeze and was warning of service cuts Mr Dodds should be concentrating on the job he was paid to do.

Mr Dodds left Lanarkshire some months later to start work with Scottish Golf, but retained his position with Tennis Scotland. It’s now been announced he has been appointed chief executive of the tennis body.

He is departing Scottish Golf at a time when it too faces a cash crisis. Recently Mr Dodds unveiled a plan to counter a cut in Sportscotland funding which involves doubling the affiliation fee paid by every golf club member.

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Several golf commentators have criticised Scottish Golf in the wake of his decision to quit.

One said the move was “no surprise” given his sporting background, but added he should never have been allowed to “keep one foot in the tennis camp when he was being paid by Scottish Golf”.