Explosion fears after van blaze in Wardpark, Cumbernauld

FIREFIGHTERS rushed to an industrial estate in Cumbernauld after reports that an oxy acetylene cylinder had exploded in a burning van.

A 200 metre evacuation zone was set up around Dunswood Road, Wardpark South, after the incident, which began just before noon on Thursday.

However, the initial reports proved false, although the van was ablaze.

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Police closed the road while three fire crews from Cumbernauld and Coatbridge spent an hour hosing the cylinders contained in the van, to reduce the risk of explosion.

After thermal imaging cameras proved the tanks were cooling, the evacuation zone was moved back to 50 metres, and one fire crew remained at the scene cooling the tanks further.

They will be removed by owners, BOC, once it is safe to do so.

No-one was injured in the initial fire or the aftermath, and the cause of the blaze will be investigated.

The road, and nearby Forest Road, are now believed to be partially open.

Did you see the incident or take photos? Please send them to Email our newsdesk or call 01236 725578.

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