Extra parking spaces for Cumbernauld development welcomed

A KEY planning application has finally been given the green light - after the applicants bowed to public pressure and agreed to free up more parking space in Kildrum

The long-awaited Sanctuary Cumbernauld development in Ainslie Road and Maclehose Road was been rubber stamped by members of the planning and environment committee at Motherwell Civic Centre last week - ending months of speculation as to what was happening on the site.

The cordoned-off area had drawn criticism from locals who branded it an eyesore.

Planners had initally been presented with a draft that favoured a landscaping scheme but locals objected that this would leave just 22 parking areas for a total of 53 houses in Maclehose Road.

The amended figure is yet to be decided but planning committee member Councillor Tom Johnston said that he was taking steps to ensure that generous parking was provided for locals.

The Scottish Nationalist who represents Kildrum said: “I spoke in favour of granting the application but with new conditions aimed at creating considerably more parking spaces for current residents.

“I estimate that the current proposals for 42 communal parking lots for the whole new area could be expanded to 74.

“I have written to planning with six practical suggestions. I accept that traffic laws might restrict the possibility of 74 but there is ample opportunity for an extension of parking on this new estate.

He added: “I am also delighted that Sanctuary appeared amenable to the suggestion that Ainslie Road remain a through road rather than be blocked off.”

Peter Martin, Sanctuary Group’s director of development, said: “We welcome North Lanarkshire Council’s decision to approve our planning applications for Ainslie Road and Maclehose Road.

“Sanctuary Cumbernauld has re-designed aspects of the site in response to concerns raised by local residents about the amount of parking being provided.”