Far right paramilitary disrupts worship at Cumbernauld mosque

Police have moved to reassure Muslims after an “aggressive” stunt at Cumbernauld mosque by uniformed anti-Islamic extremists.

Members of British National Party splinter group Britain First, wearing military-style uniforms, toured mosques in Glasgow, Cumbernauld and Bradford to hector Muslim worshippers about crimes said to be committed by some Muslims down south.

During the Cumbernauld incident, on Sunday, May 11, described by a local mosque spokesman as “aggressive and unwelcome”, those involved handed over an Army bible and “a very disturbing and offensive” leaflet.”

No official complaint was made to police about the Cumbernauld incident, but the News has learned that local Muslims have since been given unequivocal assurances about their future security.

However some are concerned that in online boasts Britain First members say they will continue to target mosques during the summer.

Cumbernauld Mosque’s spokesman said its community had worked very hard to improve people’s understanding of true Islamic values and contribution to a diverse Scottish society.

He added: “The Cumbernauld mosque will continue to play its vital role to create community cohesion and religious harmony and will stand against any form of extremism and intolerance in our society.

“However, this group have since made provocative and inflammatory online postings describing themselves as mosque invaders and crusaders, featuring Cumbernauld and other mosques.

“We are very concerned about “Britain First’s” recent activities and we have faith that the police will deal with this promptly.”

Police are understood to be closely monitoring the activities of the extremists.

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