Fears child could be killed as '˜Gow lollipop lady axed

Lesmahagow families are warning that children will be at risk of being killed or injured if the job of the lollipop lady helping them cross Balgray Road is axed.
Three roads merge at the spot where crossing patrol helps children  (Picture Sarah Peters)Three roads merge at the spot where crossing patrol helps children  (Picture Sarah Peters)
Three roads merge at the spot where crossing patrol helps children (Picture Sarah Peters)

South Lanarkshire Council has confirmed that the last remaining lollipop lady serving Woodpark Primary School is to go because of funding cuts.

One parent, Nicola Wilson, has started an online petition, and it already has the support of more than 300 people insisting that the lollipop lady must stay.

“Balgray Road is a three-way road,” said Nicola.

“Without the support and assistance provided from our lollipop lady, who braves all weathers to enforce safe crossing measures, this is an accident waiting to happen, and some poor person will suffer the consequences.

The petition states: “This is a recipe for disaster which could be prevented, yet a poor innocent person is going to suffer the consequences of these cuts.

“Save our lollipop lady and protect our community.”

Another parent told the Gazette that after having just one lollipop for nearly two years, having had three not too long ago, the school had found there would be none after the Easter holidays.

“This is an absolute disgrace as the roads are very busy, especially Balgray Road and Abbey Hill Road,” she said.

“It’s going to take a child being killed very soon. I honestly can’t understand this.

“Parents are very concerned for their children’s safety. “

Comments on the petition website stress the increased risk of an accident if there is no help at the crossing.

“These ladies do a wonderful job in all weathers and no doubt have saved children’s lives with their care and attention,” said one supporter.

“Prevention is better than waiting until some poor child is killed and all because of finances. Please keep theses lollipop ladies and save lives,” added another.

Nicola has also distributed printed versions of her petition to local shops and the local Tesco store has offered her a stand to highlight the issue.

The council defended its postion, saying it spent more than 30 of the 31 other councils in Scotland on patrols but in the “harsh financial climate” a number would be removed.

For the petition online, go to www.change.