Fears for Dippool Carnwath solar and hydrogen plan

Scores of local people have lodged objections to plans for a solar farm which would also produce and store hydrogen gas in a rural Clydesdale spot.

They fear for their safety, with one objector claiming it would involve “the transport of extremely volatile and dangerous hydrogen” on narrow country roads.

Others say the site, at Dippool Farm, Auchengray, is actually a flood plain and vital to geese.

One objector has written to South Lanarkshire Council: “It is unbelievable that someone could think of putting something as ugly and highly dangerous in such a beautiful area.”

The objector, an Auchengray resident, added: “Hydrogen is a highly explosive gas with high blast impact.”

And the resident claimed that the three banks of solar panels proposed would be in a flood plain, with no access to part of the site in an emergency if it did flood.

Another of the objectors has described the proposal as a “volatile plant” within 150 metres of housing.

“In my view this has been a hastily-cobbled plan with complete disregard for local residents’ safety,” he said.

“This proposed electrical/chemical processing plant producing hydrogen further endangers life by the transporting of this product on roads never built to sustain this type of operation.”

The Scottish Environment Protection Agency (SEPA) has also objected, on the grounds that it may cause a flood risk to people and buildings.

The plans, by Fordmouth Renewables Ltd, are still to be discussed by councillors.

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