Fears that incinerator could pollute Clydesdale

FEARS have been expressed that parts of Clydesdale could face severe pollution problems at the hands of a controversial incinerator planned to be built on a greenbelt site at Carlisle Road near Blackwood.

Carluke Community Councillor Billy Clark has claimed that Scotgen's proposal to introduce the waste treatment facility — which is aimed at recycling and energy recovery — could have serious health repercussions for local people.

For Billy feels that, as the prevailing wind at the incinerator is from the west, it would send pollution directly into Clydesdale.

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"This pollution will come right over the Clyde Valley," said Billy, who was speaking at the latest council meeting in St Athanasius Hall on Thursday night.

"Local people will begin to see the affect on the environment in between five and 10 years time.

"I'm extremely worried about the consequences, because I was recently in Dumfries at a similar incinerator site, which has been in operation for seven or eight years.

"I discovered that the trees there were dead, the grass was brown and there was very little remaining wildlife.

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"Seventy-seven lorries have been going to the site at Dumfries every day. Carlisle Road just wouldn't be able to cope with that amount of heavy vehicles."

For more information on this article, see this week's Carluke and Lanark Gazette which is in the shops now.

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