Figures reveal more than 1,300 local kids rely on foodbanks

The latest figures from a foodbank charity show that 4,483 people in East Dunbartonshire '“ 1,319 of them children - were provided with three-day emergency food supplies last year.

Local Green MSP Ross Greer said this highlights the urgent need to implement the Scottish Greens’ ten-point plan to tackle 

Mr Greer said the figures from the Trussell Trust, are a “national scandal” and that citizens in a rich country like the UK and a wealthy area such as East Dunbartonshire shouldn’t be reliant on charities to provide vital food aid.

The 2017/18 figures provided by the Trussell Trust also reveal a rise from 2016/17, where 3723 people in East Dunbartonshire were given assistance.

Across Scotland, 170,625 three-day emergency food supplies were given to people in crisis, with 55,038 provided for children, a record rise for say the charity.

Mr Greer said: “It’s a national scandal that in Scotland in 2018, so many people in East Dunbartonshire cannot afford to eat.

“In the Scottish Parliament we’ll do everything we can to make sure newly devolved powers are used to support those who are left without income as a result of UK Government benefit delays.

“Scotland is a wealthy country and no one here should be so short of money that they cannot afford to eat.

“This is the harsh reality of what Tory economics does to people in East Dunbartonshire and across the country.”