First aid course could be a lifesaver for pets

Learning first aid could save your pet's lifeLearning first aid could save your pet's life
Learning first aid could save your pet's life
Most people would say their pet is part of their family - but would they know how to help them in an emergency situation?

Glenbrae Veterinary Clinic, in Bearsden, is running first aid courses for pet owners to make sure that they know how to help an animal that is injured or unwell.

Their next course on Tuesday, March 22, is already fully booked but they plan to hold another one in May if there’s enough demand - and they are now accepting names for a waiting list.

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Founder of Glenbrae Vet Clinic, Wendy McGrandles, will deliver a fun and informative talk on all the possible situations that pet owners could be faced with, from cut paws and bite wounds to more serious emergencies.

And the registered vet nurses will have two practical stations where owners can get hands-on experience of applying bandages to paws, legs and ears.

There will also be a practical on a basic examination of your pet and a CPR demonstration on cuddly toys.

Angela McNellan, head nurse at Glenbrae Vet Clinic, said: “Staff dogs are more than happy to help people to practise bandages

“When our pets are injured it is hard not to panic.

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“This evening is ideal for pet owners, dog walkers, pet sitters, staff that work in kennels or catteries and groomers.

“Our aim is to give people knowledge of what to do in emergency situations enabling them to apply basic first aid, preventing pets from suffering and to stop conditions getting worse.

“Glenbrae staff are also just at the end of the phone to help in such situations.”

Glenbrae Vet Clinic, in Stockiemuir Avenue, was extended in 2014, allowing them to hold educational evenings such as the first aid for pets class, which has been the most popular so far.

Two evenings they held last year raised £500 for their chosen charity partner Canine Partners.

Their chosen charity this year is BraveHound and Cat Flap.

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