Flying the flag for Commonwealth Day

East Renfrewshire will be flying the Commonwealth flag on March 9 from 10am until midnight to celebrate Commonwealth Day.

In total, 650 flags will be flown in 38 Commonwealth countries around the world.

Commonwealth flags will also be flown at locations of special significance, including the George Cross Island of Malta; the city of Wellington, New Zealand, Belize, Jamaica, Mauritius and Sri Lanka, the Rothera research station on the Antarctic Peninsula; and Tristan Da Cunha, the remotest inhabited island in the world.

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In Scotland, flags will be taken to Unst in the Shetland Islands, the most northerly inhabited island in Scotland, and to the top of the UK’s highest peak, Ben Nevis.

East Renfrewshire provost Alastair Carmichael said: ““Fly a Flag is an opportunity for each of us to mark Commonwealth Day, wherever we may be, and to consider at the same time the personal and communal contributions we can make towards shaping the future we share.

“All of us can find mutual enrichment through establishing links with others across the full spectrum of Commonwealth countries.”
A Commonwealth affirmation will be read out at each ceremony before the raising of the Commonwealth Flag, in East Ren’s case at 10am that morning and by Provost Carmichael.