Forth man Stewart Cockburn is an inspiration

A FORTH man who was told by doctors to diet or die has won an Inspiration Award from Weightwatchers having shed more than one third of his body weight.

Stewart Cockburn has lost nine stones since March after being

given the ultimatum by doctors, who could not operate on him due to his size.

Having weighed a massive 24 stones, Stewart, a long distance lorry driver, began to experience health problems at the beginning of the year.

And that proved the catalyst for his unbelievable weight loss.

Stewart said: "I turned 50 in January. At my 50th birthday party my daughter said to me that I wasn't looking well and, to be honest, I hadn't been feeling well for a while.

"I had a hernia and the doctor told me that I had to lose a bit of weight before any operation.

"My work is a big part of my life but after speaking to the doctor I was told I wasn't going anywhere as my lung had collapsed and there was a problem with my intestine. It was life threatening.

"The specialist told me bluntly to diet or die so I started the

Cambridge diet on March 3 this year and I haven't looked back."

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