Frantic Rigside mum’s £150 dash for a doctor

Expensive emergency...for Rigside mumExpensive emergency...for Rigside mum
Expensive emergency...for Rigside mum
A FRANTIC mum was forced to take her daughter, screaming with pain, all the way from their Rigside home to East Kilbride on Sunday to find a doctor to treat the youngster.

The £150 round trip by taxi throws into relief the story in the Gazette of a fortnight ago which revealed that providing out-of-hours doctor coverage in the Clydesdale area was still a major problem despite GPs being offered the equivalent of £200,000 a year to provide an evening and weekend service.

On Monday the mum – who asked not to be named – told the Gazette of the harrowing consequences of that gap in NHS cover.

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Still shaken and angry, she told us: “I want to know what’s happened to our NHS.

“My daughter has a serious ear infection and we went to the doctor in Rigside on August 8 and she was given some painkillers and antibiotics. We were told it was a ‘viral infection’ and she should only take the antibiotics if it didn’t go away quickly.

“However, on Saturday it flared up and she was in agony; neither of us got any sleep that night and so,on Sunday morning, I phoned NHS 24 assuming we’d get to see a doctor at Lanark or at Wishaw General Hospital.

“When my kids have been sick in the past, that’s where we’ve got appointments in the past ...but not this time.

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“I was told that the nearest available doctor was at the A&E Department at the East Kilbride hospital.

“They sent a taxi to take us there and back and I noticed from the meter that it was £75 each way.

“Thank God the NHS picked up the bill for that but it seems a lot of money to spend which could have been saved if there had been an out-of-hours doctor on call at Lanark or even at Wishaw.”

For more on this story pick up a copy of this week’s Carluke and Lanark Gazette, which is in the shops now.