Free bike plan

SOUTHSIDERS can enjoy free DIY transport from tomorrow thanks to arts charity NVA's white bike plan.

Based on a 1960s protest in Holland and as part of the Glasgow international art festival, 50 bikes can be borrowed gratis from venues including Tramway in Pollokshields.

The project begins this afternoon (Thursday) with a ride out from Kelvingrove park to George Square.

Cyclist Andy Kerr (41) from Netherlee, has been cycling to work in the city centre every day for 10 years.

The university lecturer, pictured right, added: "Cycling has grown in popularity recently but there are still always problems, especially with traffic, and drivers who are ignorant to people on bikes. Projects like this are fantastic and will ensure that cyclists have more of a presence on the roads of Glasgow.

Andy added: "The more publicity cycling gets the better, because it really is the best way to get around the city".

NVA founder and keen cyclist Angus Farquhar came up with the idea to host Glasgow's own Witte Fietsenplan.

He said: "When I was asked to produce something for the festival I began to think more about how people might transport themselves from place to place, rather than sticking some static artwork in a venue".

Throughout the festival, cyclists can borrow a white bike and return it by 9.30pm to the GI centre hub in the city centre, or to one of the drop-off points.

These include Tramway, The House for an Art Lover and the South Side studios.

NVA is not worried about cycles being stolen. The combination lock number for all white bikes is 6510.

Mr Farquhar added: "There's always room for misuse, but if you spend your life imagining the worst, nothing good will happen.

"It's the nature of living in a big city that sometimes things go missing but it shouldn't stop a positive action like this".

The group hopes to donate the specially-made white bikes constructed by Raleigh to community groups after the event.

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