Free for all

GLASGOW’S pimary schools are set to enjoy another year of free access to the city’s Science Centre’s education programme.

Glasgow city council has agreed to extend its funding for a further 12 months to allow the city’s 35,000 young pupils access to the workshops, live science shows and interactive exhibits.

The sessions, which also include lessons in the planetarium, are linked to the Curriculum for Excellence experiences and outcomes.

Council leader Gordon Matheson said: “This is a great opportunity for our primary schools to make use of the educational facilities available at the centre.

“Sometimes you need to go beyond the classroom walls to give pupils a better understanding of a particular subject.

“You never know, we could see a future generation of Einsteins.

“It is important that young people are engaged in their education and these sessions are an offbeat way of introducing and exploring real and relevant science studies”.

The science centre’s education programme is carefully designed to fit the needs of learners of all ages.

“The chief executive officer of the Science Centre, Stephen Breslin, said: “We’re really pleased to work with Glasgow city council to ensure that all primary-age children across the city will get free admission to Glasgow Science Centre.

“We aim to be at the heart of public engagement with science, and inspire young people to be excited and stimulated by the opportunities science offers.

“Our education programme is carefully aligned with Curriculum for Excellence and every pupil who visits is offered both a formal education experience and a chance to enjoy the Science Centre.

“An interest in science at an early age can last a lifetime — Scotland has an amazing history of world class scientists, and we’re excited and grateful to Glasgow City Council to help us to inspire the scientists of the future”.