A look through the files of the Cumbernauld News


Concerned parents in Abronhill took matters into their own hands when they put up a fake speed sign to urge motorists to slow down. Neighbouring families, the Dougans and Muirs, put up the sign telling drivers to slow down to 10mph. The sign was put in place by the worried families after they became concerned for the safety of their children after drivers had been speeding through their area. The sign was met with approval from most residents in Birch Road, and looked real enough too, but someone in the area did not approve and informed the council.

Local MP Norman Hogg made a dramatic U-turn in his opinion over the proposed route of the new M80 extension. For years MP Hogg had staunchly backed plans to upgrade the A80 and therefore avoid upgrading the Kelvin Valley route, but changed his mind after huge changes in the Cumbernauld landscape encouraged him to alter his view. Housing development and Cumbernauld’s expansion as a base for manufacturing and distribution convinced him that the Kelvin Valley route was the only option.

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Abronhill Housing Association was convinced it would win the ballot to become the new landlord for around 600 Corporation houses in the area.


A FAMILY from Cumbernauld who were living in Australia, made the round-the-world trip to be back home to become Godparents of a family member’s daughter. Peter and Marlyn Bird travelled thousands of miles to make the ceremony, coming from an Australian “winter” into a Scottish “summer” in Cumbernauld with their 15-year-old son, Peter.

A GROUP of Cumbernauld youngsters were aiming to use rock music to help battle the town’s drug problem. In a style similar in concept, yet on a much smaller scale, to Live Aid, the group planned to bring together popular local rock acts and hopefully one well-known artist to drive home the message that drugs are for losers. The show, named Rock Against the Needle, was set to be held in Cumbernauld Theatre in August, later in the year.

Cumbernauld received a jobs boost as new electronics company planned to set up in the town, bringing roughly 160 jobs to the area. Allivane International Limited announced last week that they are to move into a large factory in the Blairlinn Industrial Estate. Recruitment for the new facility began with immediate effect with 80 workers being taken on board in an initial raft of interviews, with a further 80 set to be drafted in phase two.


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A LUCKY mum was full of praise after a mystery hero saved her life. The unknown man pulled mum-of-two Jean Braid from the carriage of a burning train after it somehow caught fire. Jean was unconscious after breathing in fumes from the engine had knocked her out. The unknown hero woke her up and pulled her out of the train as the flames took hold. He then escorted the rest of the passengers off the train before going back in, alone, to put out the fire with a fire extinguisher. Jean said this week: “When I awoke flames were leaping through the passageway. The mystery man came across to my seat and helped me to safety. If he hadn’t I don’t know what I would have done. He saved my life.”

Cumbernauld was named as Britain’s safest town after figures showed only one person died on the new town’s roads in the last year. However, the number of people injured climbed sharply.

A FOLK night and dance was held in Condorrat Social Club this week to raise funds for Playscene. A large crowd of local people attended the popular event. Although the final figure of cash raised at the shindig is not yet known, organisers said the number of people in attendance would create a substantial sum to help the local Playscene campaign.


FAMILIES in Cumbernauld forgot all about redundancies at local factories, strikes and the general unemployment situation at the weekend as residents started to enjoy their annual Glasgow Fair holiday. The mass exodus started on Friday and continued via all means of transport out of the town until Cumbernauld became its usual quiet self on Fair Monday.

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A JUMBLE sale held by two young Brownies in Cumbernauld helped to raise £2.50 for blind and mentally handicapped people. The girls who organised it were of the 4th Cumbernauld (St Joseph’s) pack.

More than 200 strikers made a “gesture of solidarity” to the management of Burroughs Machines Ltd outside the Cumbernauld factory on Friday. The men, all waving banners, marched from the car park gates to the main gate and held a brief demonstration and meeting. Afterwards, one of the strike leaders said: “This was to show the management that the strike is as solid, if not more solid, than it was when we first came out.” However, the demonstration was not as successful as was hoped. Men who were at the factory to collect their holiday wages were paid earlier than expected and many of them had left before the demonstrators were organised outside the factory.

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