From the editor’s chair

By Jackie Mitchell, Cumbernauld News editor

I’M writing this column while singing 
quietly to myself. It’s impossible not to, when subbing a page packed full of people’s favourite Christmas songs and hymns.

I’m sure it’s popular with my workmates too, they’re surely enthralled by my impromptu concert warbling its way out of my office.

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A proper carol concert is one of the perfect ways to set yourself up for the festive season. A Christingle concert, in candle-light, cannot be bettered.

It’s a far cry from the manufactured muzak-style CDs that people who work in shops are tortured with 24-7 from the end of November. They surely won’t share my love of festive songs, having to endure them on a repetitive loop all day at their work. My colleagues probably share their pain, hearing me singing my stuff. I’d say I’m not quite X-Factor standard, unless you count the comedy early rounds!

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