From the editor’s chair

By Jackie Mitchell, editor

I SPENT some time in a room with a view one lunch-hour this week, as I joined Cumbernauld Library.

Anyone who has spent time in a library lately knows it’s not all about books, which is just as well, as I was in there for CDs and audio book tapes for a journey, and Kindle reads too.

The library itself took a bit of finding – my helpful colleague simply said go up the stairs until you can’t go any further, keep walking and you will find it. He wasn’t wrong, but it was worth it!

It gives a great view out over Cumbernauld, and on a sunny summer’s day I could imagine a lovely roof top cafe being added to their list of services.

Meanwhile, back library services. Sadly, the only ebooks they offer are not Kindle compatable. And as this is the leading e-reader, that’s a bit of a shame; I can’t be the only person who would love to use their library, but has moved on from paperbacks.

It will only get more in demand after Christmas too. Oh, sorry, far too early for that word to get a mention!