Funding means more meals on the menu

Mary's Kitchen celebrates Burns' NightMary's Kitchen celebrates Burns' Night
Mary's Kitchen celebrates Burns' Night
People living with dementia in Kirkintilloch will continue to dine out in familiar surroundings, after a pioneering meal service secured new funding.

Staff at Bield’s Whitehill Court Day Care set up ‘Mary’s Kitchen’ for carers and people who use the service to order from a special menu in the development’s dining room.

Now, thanks to further funding from the RS Macdonald Charitable Trust, the scheme is able to carry on organising at least one evening per month until Spring 2019.

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Maureen Hopkins, Resource Manager at Whitehill Court Day Care, said: “We’re delighted and incredibly grateful to be able to keep this fantastic service going.

“Being able to have a restaurant style meal in a recognisable and relaxed setting can help many people living with dementia to enjoy the experience and spend additional time with loved ones.

“The one brilliant difference between Mary’s Kitchen and a real restaurant is that customers aren’t presented with a bill at the end of their meal – instead they are asked to make a donation.

“Mary’s Kitchen has been incredibly popular and funding like this is vital for it to continue, so we know there will be a lot of happy customers delighted to hear the news.”

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The service is named in memory of Mary Abel who worked at Whitehill Court for 18 years as assistant manager.

So far 184 older people living with dementia in the local community have joined 290 carers and loved ones to eat at Mary’s Kitchen.

Douglas Hamilton, Director of The R S Macdonald Charitable Trust, said: “Mary’s Kitchen is a simple idea, but a great example of an imaginative service that is making a real difference to the quality of life for people affected by dementia and their families.

“The restaurant nights provide an opportunity for people to celebrate special occasions or simply to have a night out – and ensures that their loved ones can be part of it.

“It is a service that brings so much joy, and we’re really pleased that we can play a small part in helping to make it happen.”

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