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Boys' Brigade
Ambitious members of a Kilsyth boys’ brigade celebrated a special 130th anniversary by playing a massive 130 games - and they even raised money for charity in the process.

The 3rd Kilsyth junior section met on Friday, October 4, to mark the 130th anniversary of when Sir William Alexander Smith started the uniformed organisation at 1st Glasgow.

The past 130 years has led to a worldwide movement of the Boys’ Brigade.

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To mark this occasion, the 3rd Kilsyth company celebrated by playing 130 games.

The company section played 80 games from 10pm on Friday, October 4, to 8am on Saturday, October 5,

And the junior section, and anchor boys carried on the games from 8am to 11am, playing 50.

The boys were sponsored and the money raised is going towards refurbishing a school in Malawi that the organisation previously raised money for a kitchen to be built in through the charity Mary’s Meals.

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The photo was taken at 8am with all three sections together.

Christine Johnstone, company captain, said, “Thank you to all the boys who took part in playing the 130 games.

“We raised a lot of money for refurbishment to take place in our school that we raised money for building a kitchen in. I am proud to be captain to such a great group of boys.”

One of the company section boys who took part, added: “It was a long fun night that was full of exciting and interesting games.

“It was such a great event to be part of.”