Get involved with the People’s Bank of Govanhill

Govanhill residents are invited to a public meeting to discuss the future of a neighbourhood currency.

As reported in The Extra, artist Ailie Rutherford has set up the People’s Bank of Govanhill, allowing locals to purchase the Govanhill Pound at a rate set at 100th of their weekly income and spend it in participating shops — including Locavore, Bakery47 and Milk Cafe — on set days.

Ailie told The Extra: “What we’re trying isn’t a simple transaction - you have to talk about it a bit, and that leads onto ideas about the value of things, redistribution of wealth and trying to find a model that would work for us in Govanhill.”

Ailie will be joined by Ben Wray of Common Space to discuss the project on Tuesday (December 15) at 6pm in Govanhill Baths.

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