Girl 'was refused treatment at Carluke Health Centre'

A SEVEN-year-old girl suffering severe pain after an accident was refused treatment from a doctor at Carluke Health Centre, her angry mother has told the Gazette.

Heather Nicol said that the nail on the middle finger of young Jodie Baird's left hand was literally hanging off, yet her requests for a doctor at 1.05pm last Wednesday fell on deaf ears.

"I thought we were treated very unfairly," said Heather, of Braidwood Road.

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"My daughter was very distressed, with tears running down her face. She just kept saying repeatedly: 'What is happening? What is happening?'

"We knew that there was a doctor in the building. Yet the receptionist at Carluke Health Centre told me he wouldn't be able to see Jodie and that we'd have to go to an Accident and Emergency Department to get her finger treated.

"The receptionist told me the treatment room had shut at 1pm and there were no emergency doctors. She didn't even phone a doctor, claiming that he'd just tell us to go to A and E as well.

"What happened to us was absolutely disgraceful."

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