Glasgow mural shows Robin could star alongside Batman in new Batgirl film

The mural, which was put in place earlier this week, shows Batman and Robin together.

Michael Keaton is set to return to play Batman in Batgirl, and an on-set mural shows that he’s accompanied by Robin.

Production has now started on the shoot for Batgirl in Glasgow. Star Leslie Grace, who plays the titular character, has been spotted in the Parnie Street and King Street area, which has been closed off for shooting.

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Keaton is due to don the famous Batman cowl for the first time in decades, while Brendan Fraser will play villain Firefly.

Keaton’s Batman has been revealed in the form of an Easter egg - a mural that’s on set, and he’s with Robin who is wearing his classic costume. This is the first time Keaton’s Batman (the star played the caped crusader in 1989's Batman and 1992's Batman Returns) has been shown with Robin.

Robin is pictured with Batman in the mural. Picture: Jeff J Mitchell/Getty Images

While we don’t know yet if Robin will be in the film, the set picture shows that he exists in Batgirl's world. He’s a well known character of the franchise, but is yet to appear in the DC Extended Universe.

Batgirl began filming this week, with the set being given a covering of fake snow recently. Posters, signs, graffiti, a Christmas market, billboards and shop fronts have been created to turn Glasgow into Gotham City.

A disused railway tunnel in the west end has also been opened to be used in filming, with speculation that this could be the Bat Cave.