Glasgow shortlisted for romantic walk capital

With Valantine's Day just round the corner a UK charity has shortlisted Glasgow as one of the five most romantic urban strolls.

Living Streets, the UK charity for everyday walking asked 15,000 people what was their favourite UK town or city and why.

The entries were whittled down to the five best based on the responses given and a final winner will be chosen from a public vote on February 1 with the results due to be announced in time for Valentine’s Day.

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The Glasgow walk was nominated by Alison Millbourn. She said: “I had a lovely walk with a lovely guy, Jim, in early 2011. He was showing me the sights of Glasgow. During the walk we stopped to admire the magnificence of the Clyde from one of the bridges. I have always had a keen eye for wildlife, and I spotted a Kingfisher darting across the water. Jim had never seen one before and was over the moon.

“Unfortunately, this was the last time I saw my lovely friend. He died suddenly a few weeks later. I am so pleased he got to see the spectacular kingfisher before he departed.”

Stuart Hay, director of Living Streets Scotland said: “I’m really pleased to see Glasgow on the shortlist for this title. We had lots of nominations for walks in Scotland so this shortlisted one can represent all the great urban walks available.

“Walking with a loved one, in a group or with family and friends can do wonders for people’s physical health and mental wellbeing. Hopefully people will be inspired to get out and do this walk for themselves or find a favourite walk of their own.”

The Glasgow stroll is up against walks in Chester, London, Oxford and Scarborough.

Voting opens on 1 February for one week. To vote for your favourite, visit