Glasgow Southside MP urged to respect 2014 independence referendum result and to work with UK Government

The Glasgow Southside MP has been encouraged to work together with the UK Government after the Supreme Court killed off Sturgeon’s plan to hold a vote next year

<p>First Minister Nicola Sturgeon speaking at a rally outside the Scottish Parliament in Edinburgh: Wednesday November 23, 2022.</p>

First Minister Nicola Sturgeon speaking at a rally outside the Scottish Parliament in Edinburgh: Wednesday November 23, 2022.

Glasgow Southside MSP and Scotland's First Minister Nicola Sturgeon has been told by Secretary of State Michael Gove to stop "wrangling about the constitution" and to focus on improving the lives of the people of Scotland as he called on the SNP to drop its push to break away from the UK.

Sturgeon insisted yesterday that the Scottish Government will find another lawful way to express the will of the nation, but the Glasgow-based MP has been under fire in the last 24 hours.

The Levelling Up Secretary said yesterday's Supreme Court ruling "leaves us now in a position where for both the Scottish Government and the UK Government, the responsibility is not to wrangle about the constitution but to work together".

He also warned holding another vote on Scottish independence would be "polarising and divisive" and argued that the result of the 2014 ballot should be respected.

The Supreme Court ruled that Holyrood does not have the power to hold a referendum without the permission of the UK Government, killing off Ms. Sturgeon's plan to hold a vote in October next year.

The Glasgow Southside MP said she now intends to try to use the next general election, scheduled for 2024, as a "de facto referendum" on independence.

What does this mean now for Scotland and Sturgeon?

This will continue creating controversy for weeks and months to come, Sturgeon has to be careful now and the UK General Election in 2024 will be vital to determining the future of our country. It's quite ironic that constituency values created division in Scotland eight years ago.

Education recovery, economic growth, social cohesion, and the cost of living should be bigger priorities right now, but this will always hide away in the background waiting for the perfect moment to strike. Real-life problems are at risk of being polluted into something more serious.

During the tutelage of formerly Alex Salmond and then Sturgeon, independence has always been high up on the to-do list, but frustration and rhetoric won't win any battles for the Glasgow Southside MP who has been addressed to accomplish winning an independence Referendum and getting a separation from England.

Unfortunately, her press conference yesterday didn't provide many answers, instead, everyone was asked to wait until next year when SNP members will help shape a proposal to turn the next general election into a "de facto referendum."

The UK Government has also had its sticky patch with numerous Prime Ministers coming and going within a short time. It's hoped there is stability now with Rishi Sunak coming in as Prime Minister and Labour having a grounded head in Keir Starmer.

Frustration is inevitable from the SNP ranks that could elaborate in the future, there is a lot of consequences that could come with the circumstances in 2024, it's simply sink or swim time for Sturgeon and the Scottish Government.

It's a simple task for the Glasgow Southside MP as she admitted last night that Scottish independence is essential to avoid the "disaster" of Brexit.