Glasgow's older residents entitled to £100 winter bonus

As temperatures are starting to drop, older people living in the Glasgow City Council area are set to receive a £100 winter bonus to help beat the freeze.
Elderly people are receiving financial support to help them stay warm this winter.Elderly people are receiving financial support to help them stay warm this winter.
Elderly people are receiving financial support to help them stay warm this winter.

Every resident aged 80 and over qualifies for the city’s Affordable Warmth Dividend – an annual payment made by Glasgow City Council to help households with heating bills.

But, with the scheme now open, new claimants have been urged not to let strict new data laws leave them out in the cold.

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Council leader, Councillor Susan Aitken, said: “Nobody in Glasgow should have to choose between heating and eating.

“We know this payment can make a huge difference to help some of those in our communities who are most likely to struggle with fuel poverty, particularly when the weather turns colder.

“In some cases, it can literally be a lifesaver – which is why it is so important that everyone who is eligible makes sure they get their cash.”

Anyone aged 80 or above is eligible. The dividend is paid to individuals, rather than by household, so each person aged 80 plus living in a property can apply individually. Residents of Glasgow care homes and those in hospital can also apply.

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Those who received the payment last year and still live in the city can expect to get the £100 dividend automatically – with the council writing out to around 12,500 households this month.

However, new recipients – including people turning 80 – will now need to apply.

Previously, the council would write to anyone it believed had become eligible for the first time, or had previously been eligible but not made an application. Updated laws on how personal information can be used mean this is no longer possible.

The easiest way to apply is via the council’s website and more information is available at

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Relatives can help the applicant complete the application, which must be made by 31 March 2019.

However, you can also request an application form or get further information by phoning 0141 287 7961.

Anyone who received the payment last year, but does not receive a letter by the end of November, should also contact the council.

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