Glowing Inspectorate report for Abbotsford House Care Home

Abbotsford House Care Home in Bearsden has been given top marks for the standard of care they deliver to elderly residents at their home.
Abbotsford House Care HomeAbbotsford House Care Home
Abbotsford House Care Home

The care home received a grade 6 (Excellent) for all four categories from the Care Inspectorate after an unannounced inspection on January 18.

This included quality of care and support, quality of environment, quality of staffing and quality of management and leadeship.

The report concluded that Abbotsford House: “Provides an excellent service to residents and relatives. Staff and management work hard to provide a person centred model of care in a homely atmosphere.

“Residents and relatives told us that they were very happy with the quality of the service.”

The report said they had met the two recommenations from the last inspection.

The participation strategy had been strengthened which had improved communications and feedback which had led to improvements in the quality of service.

Paul Sokhi LLB Hons DipLP, Managing Director of Morrison Community Care Group, said: “I am absolutely delighted with what my team have achieved.

“The whole staff group have worked extremely hard alongside service users and their families in order to provide this excellent level of care under excellent management in an excellent environment.

“It is only through the participation of our service users and their families and the hard work of our staff and management we can achieve such an accolade.

“It is a proud moment to not only have all 6s in our care home service but also to currently hold all 6s in our homecare service.

“The important thing now is that we do not rest on our laurels. We continue to improve our environment with a new reception area being built currently.

“Moreover we continue to constantly seek feedback from our service users and their families in both our care home and home care setting in order to see what areas we can improve even further.

“At Abbotsford House we are one big family and I can only say how proud I am that the hard work of that family has been awarded with the highest grades possible from our independent regulator.”

Abbotsford House provides 24 hour care for a maximum of 34 older people.