Going from her home town to Tinsel Town

Our area's very own budding Hollywood director Jasmine Chirwell has taken a massive step forward in her journey from Carluke to America's film capital Hollywood.

Jasmine Chiswell, aspiring film director from Carluke
Jasmine Chiswell, aspiring film director from Carluke

She might be only 22 years old but the Station Road lass already has three small, locally-produced films under her belt and has attracted the attention of the massive Stateside movie industry, being accepted to take one of only ten places worldwide on offer at the highly prestigious New York Film Academy.

She will spend a year at the Academy’s Hollywood film school at the heart of Universal Studios - IF she can raise the money to go.

She told the Gazette this week: “To tell you the truth, I hadn’t done any forward planning to go and live and learn in the States because I simply didn’t think I’d be accepted for the coure. They’ve given me until May to raise the funds; it will cost £10,000 for the course alone and THEN I’ve got living expenses to think of.”

She has launhed a crowd funding campaign with via the site https://www.gofundme.com/jasminechiswell.

As an incentive, she says that she plans to name all those who support her through this most crucial year of her career with a mention in the credits of her first full-blown film.

Looking to the future: “I’ve been told that, if I successfully complete the course I could qualify for a work permit to work in the States which is where all the major opportunities are to forward may career.

“Of course, if I do stay on in Los Angeles, I’ll miss 
home. Well, apart from the weather!”

She has now completed her Degree, a BA in Media and Communications from City of Glasgow College and has acting credits in BBC Scotland TV shows.

Once her career gets properly underway, she plans to concentrate on the genre of horror movies; unlike most of these, here’s hoping Jasmine’s Hollywood quest has a VERY happy ending.