Good Samaritan eases pensioner’s pain – by working him over on shop floor!

AN elderly Bishopbriggs couple got more than they bargained for when they bumped into a kind-hearted medical expert during a shopping trip.

James and Wilma Bennett, who are both in their 70s, were at the Cotton Print Factory Shop, in Glasgow’s Gorbals, when a lady called Angela approached them.

Wilma said: “She had seen that my husband was a bit stooped and when we told her he suffered from a bad back she said ‘I can sort it out for you’”

The next minute James was flat on his back on the shop floor, while Angela gave him advice about exercises to try.

Wilma said: “If he had started screaming I would have probably gone over, but I just decided to get out of the way.Afterwards we had a lovely chat and it turned out she was actually a pathologist. Still, she certainly eased his pain.”

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