'Good Samaritan saved my life'

AN Abronhill man contacted the News to express his gratitude to a "Good Samaritan".

James Trotter, 56, was sent home from his office in Glasgow at around 10am on Monday, but his bus became stranded in traffic. At around 7pm he decided to walk "rather than freeze on the bus".

Having failed to secure lodging, he kept walking. In Moodiesburn, he found people aiding travellers. "One woman gave me food and wished me good luck," said James.

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"I continued on, by this point the cold was really starting to bite and I could feel ice forming in my beard. Eventually I got as far as Dalshannon Farm, this was after 10.30pm, and I was really starting to weaken. I just wanted to sit down, but I thought if I did I'd never move again."

It was at this moment that a minibus appeared and pulled over nearby. The driver was John Docherty, owner of the Mollinsburn Inn, who had been driving around all night rescuing stray wanderers and taking them to safety.

"I'm hugely grateful to Mr Docherty," said James. "He saved my life and wouldn't accept any reward."

The News contacted Mr Docherty, who had spent most of Monday night rescuing stranded people from the roadside. "I run a small bus service, so thought I'd try to help. I didn't really do that much," he said modestly.

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