Gow residents hit out at state of Birkwood House

FED UP Lesmahagow residents have voiced their concerns about the current state of the iconic Birkwood House.

Local concern...over the future of Birkwood House
Local concern...over the future of Birkwood House

The former children’s psychiatric hospital has been the subject of a number of planning applications over the past few years.

Everything from houses to hotels has been proposed for the site.

However, with crumbling outbuildings and vandalism rife in and around Birkwood House, a group calling themselves The Friends of Lesmahagow has called for action to be taken.

In a statement, the group said: “Locals feel they have been misled to believe that jobs would be created in Lesmahagow and that Birkwood Castle would be restored.

“But all that has materialised is a dumping ground and some low-budget haunted castle films.

“Meanwhile, the castle has been left to rot and thieves are regular visitors.”


The site is now owned by Jo Lloyd, the daughter of former Eatonfield chief executive Rob Lloyd.

The Gazette made a number of attempts to contact the site owner and were advised that no statement would be forthcoming.