GRACE is picture perfect

East Dunbartonshire community recovery after care service GRACE has attracted international attention.

The charity, founded by local man Robert Smith, provides peer support in a non-judgmental way to anyone who has become socially isolated.

Now one of their community film digital projects has caught the eye of SCIROCCO, a consortium for integrated care, which has partners throughout Europe, including the NHS.

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Robert said: “Our members write the script, direct, produce and edit short films. These are shared with the community at events like the recent GRACE Film Festival held in Kirkintilloch Town Hall in July.

“This is a milestone for East Dunbartonshire.

“A consortium for Integrated Care found that studying the GRACE model would be beneficial to international health bodies. GRACE involves its members in everything we do. We are real people who have real experience of the problems that life can throw at us all.

“For some people using computers and digital technology is difficult because they have never been shown how to do it. But more and more public services are only available online. GRACE activities help people take digital control and become confident computer users to access these services. This improves their health and well-being.”

Cllr Susan Murray said: “This shows how the community can teach the professionals and plays an important role in our well-being by providing local solutions to local issues”.