Gym will bring jobs boost to Cumbernauld

A gym earmarked for the town centre will open by the end of the year and bring 40 jobs to Cumbernauld.

Planners have finally allowed Yorkshire-based chain Xercise4Less to open its seventh Scottish Gym in Forth Walk –where preparatory works
have been underway for weeks.

The development is not of course as extensive as some may have hoped for, especially as many had pinned their hopes on a cinema opening on this spot.

However, it will lead to the revival of a key part of the centre which has struggled to attract investment for years.

The firm’s property and construction director Darren Pallet said: “We are thrilled and excited to be opening another gym in Scotland and bringing our established health and fitness offering to the people of Cumbernauld.

“As a site that has sat empty for an extended period of time.

“We are delighted to give a much needed makeover and play a part in reviving Cumbernauld’s shopping hub.”

The gym will boast 400 pieces of equipment, running and sled pull tracks, ladies only facilities and a spin studio plus a boxing ring.

Free parking for gym customers is also being offered by the company that calls itself ‘The People’s Gym.”